American expat Brooke Laven doesn’t like confused people Sydney

American expat Brooke Laven doesn't like confused people Sydney

I’m an American in Sydney and I’m surprised to see this one characteristic of thousands of Aussies: ‘I strongly disagree’.

Brooke Laven from USA, recently moved to Sydney.

An American expat has shared one thing he doesn’t agree with since moving to Australia.

Brooke Laven has noticed a habit most Australians who don’t live in Sydney have – and that’s that they like to ‘rip’ in the port city.

The American revealed that people he met during his trip to Melbourne and Brisbane claimed to ‘hate’ Sydney and began to list various reasons why.

But in Brooke’s experience Sydneysiders have ‘nothing bad to say’ about other cities.

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Brooke Laven, from the US, has noticed a habit most Australians who don’t live in Sydney have – and that’s that they like to ‘rip’ in the harbor city.

‘I’ve picked up this thing about Australians that if you don’t live in Sydney, you like to rip in Sydney,’ he said.

‘If someone brings up Sydney they’ll say they hate the city and list all these different reasons.

‘But if you ask someone who lives in Sydney about other cities in Australia, they’ll just say they’d love to see, they don’t have anything bad to say.’

Brooke admits to falling prey to stereotypes, revealing moving to Sydney wasn’t on her radar at first.

‘Before I moved to Australia, I initially wanted to go to Melbourne and Brisbane and thought Sydney was so basic. But now that I live here, I love it. I don’t want to leave.’

Many Sydneysiders were similarly fascinated by the city.

‘Sydney is objectively the best city in Australia, but nobody wants to admit it,’ wrote one person. ‘Yes, it’s expensive, but there’s a reason.’

‘Be marked. We like to visit other cities. We are so lucky to live here,’ said another.

‘I think everyone secretly wishes they lived in Sydney, but it’s so expensive, so it’s easy to get ripped off,’ said one woman.

But others were not so convinced.

‘Sydney looks good but doesn’t feel good. I don’t like the vibe,’ said one Melbourne man.

A second said, ‘Sydney is a tourist destination. It is not a place to stay. Rougher on purpose, more crowded, longer commutes, more noise.’

‘When I went to Sydney a few years ago, I walked all over town and not one person took the time of day to return a smile,’ said one old man. ‘Give me Hobart any day.’


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