A Murrumba Downs townhouse fire is under control after an explosion north of Brisbane

A Murrumba Downs townhouse fire is under control after an explosion north of Brisbane

Huge explosions were heard across four suburbs as a massive fire broke out in townhouses in the gated community

Townhouse destroyed by massive fire Firefighters contain flames Blasting several suburbs

A massive fire engulfed a townhouse inside a gated community, followed by a massive explosion heard across four suburbs.

The fire broke out at the home on Nambucca Close, Murrumba Downs, north of Brisbane, just before 1pm on Wednesday.

Seven firefighters were called to the scene to control the burning building, setting up an exclusion zone around the Nambucca Rise complex.

Residents reported hearing loud explosions across four suburbs, including Strathpine, Griffin, Kallangur and Duckbean.

A number of firefighters were at the scene to tackle the blaze at the Nambucca Rise complex in Nambucca Close.

Police urged residents to stay away from neighborhoods including Yaraki Court and Pine River Drive.

Queensland Ambulance Service has not yet confirmed whether anyone required treatment as a result of the incident as police evacuated nearby residents.

The townhouse and garage were well engulfed in flames when emergency crews arrived on scene.

Footage shows thick plumes of smoke billowing from the charred property.

The explosion destroyed the townhouse and sent debris onto the force street.

The residence was destroyed by the explosion with debris from the property scattered across the street

Residents took to social media to report the shocks they felt from the blast, which shook houses in the surrounding area

‘Our roof shook and it felt like something big had fallen on it… same for the neighbours. We were all checking the streets!’ One wrote on Facebook.

‘This rocked my house in Griffin,’ wrote another.

Some felt the blast a few kilometers away from the Murumba Downs area.

‘Slammed our glass doors in Mango Hill,’ wrote one.


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