Treat Williams’ widow Pam Van Sant has broken her silence as the other driver is seen for the first time

Treat Williams' widow Pam Van Sant has broken her silence as the other driver is seen for the first time

Treat Williams’ heartbroken widow has broken her silence on his untimely death as the other driver involved in the fatal crash that claimed the actor’s life last month was seen in public for the first time.

In her first comments since losing her husband in a fatal crash on June 12, Pam Van Sant told that she wanted to show off her ‘favorite treat’ that made her special – her compassion and desire to live each day to the fullest.

‘We’re doing the best we can,’ she said last week, speaking from the home they shared together in the idyllic town of Manchester, Vermont.

Speaking to for the first time since Treat Williams’ death, his widow Pam Van Sant (pictured in one of their final social media photos together) said she was ‘very sad’ but ‘doing the best she can’

Van Sant, 68, has been married to the Everwood alum since 1988 and shares two children with him.

Meanwhile, nearly a month after Williams’ untimely death, another driver involved in a fatal motorcycle crash in Dorset, Vermont, Ryan Cos.

The 68-year-old mother of two stood in her doorway, just feet from the garage where her husband stored his motorcycle and the rolling lawn he had mowed hours before his early evening ride.

‘We are very sad, but we are a strong family and we will continue,’ he continued.

‘It’s a beautiful thing how everyone has reached out,’ she added, touched by the community’s support.

A Hollywood star best known for her roles in the drama series Everwood and the 1979 film Hair, Williams, 71, was best known locally for her hospitality and generosity.

In a follow-up statement, Van Sant added: ‘The kids and I are grateful for the love and support from fans and colleagues in our local community and around the world.

‘We will live each day with compassion for others in honor of my husband, our beloved treat, and the children will carry his legacy of joy and craftsmanship into their artistic careers.’

Williams was riding on Route 30 in Dorset, Vermont, when an oncoming SUV cut him off making a left turn into an auto shop parking lot.

It has since emerged that the 35-year-old Honda driver and Williams actually knew each other from the local Dorset Playhouse theatre, where Koss works and where Williams once performed the play American Buffalo in 2017.

Koss left town and was laid up after the accident, but returned to the home she shares with her husband last week, exclusive photos show.

Last week she was seen returning to the Dorset Playhouse for the first time since the accident, where Coss first met Williams.

In an earlier interview with, a witness said the driver, Ryan Koss, collided with the motorcycle, sending Williams off his bike.

The helmeted actor was then left on the pavement a few feet away from his motorcycle.

It was later revealed that Driver, 35, and Williams actually knew each other from the local Dorset Playhouse theatre, where Koss works and where Williams once performed the play American Buffalo in 2017.

As Williams’ family mourned the tragic loss, Cos himself became distraught, according to neighbors.

To avoid attention, Cos left town after the crash, but then returned to the home she shared with her husband.

She was spotted for the first time since the accident, with exclusive photos and video showing the pair returning to the Dorset theatre, where they both work, last week.

Kos was seen behind the wheel while her husband was in the passenger seat.

He declined to answer questions when contacted by

Asked for comment, he replied: ‘Ah, no.’

Pictured is Williams’ 1986 Honda VT700c motorcycle. The motorcycle suffered ‘front end damage’ after the accident

Williams, who was wearing a helmet, was left on the sidewalk a few feet from his motorcycle. The scene of the accident is depicted

Matt Rafahan, who witnessed the accident, told that the actor was ‘fully alert, answering questions’ as he lay on the pavement. Matt, 29, was standing outside his shop when the accident happened in front of him

He heads toward the theater, a sign advertising a play, Misery, which is set to open this week.

Kose’s husband, meanwhile, intervened and tried to ask questions from our reporter.

‘Can I help you?’ He asked, which reporter asked about the accident.

‘Oh, no way, man,’ replied her husband as he tucked the cos inside. ‘Come on, what do you want.’

Van Sant also refrained from addressing the incident and declined to comment on whether Coss had reached out to offer his condolences or an apology.

‘I’m definitely not going to talk about the accident, or Ryan or anything like that,’ she said.

‘I don’t think it should be talked about.’

The report released by the Vermont State Police revealed that Williams did not stand a chance as Koss’ Honda cut his 1986 Honda VT700c motorcycle across the northbound lanes of V-30 at approximately 4:53 p.m.

Williams and co-star Pam Van Sant lived in a $1 million home in Vermont (pictured) and had two children together, Gilly and Eli — and often shared pictures of her ideal country life with her fans on social media.

Treat Williams had two children, Gil and Eli

General view of the home of Ryan Cos who was driving the car that hit Treat Williams

The police report states that ‘Williams was unable to avoid the collision and was thrown from his motorcycle.’ It also confirmed that Coss was not intoxicated.

Speaking to, Matt Rafan, owner of Long Trail Auto, noted that Coss had an appointment to bring his SUV to his shop to get a state inspection sticker, and Coss’ husband pulled over in another vehicle. to take him

Williams, who was wearing a helmet, was conscious and alert as he sprawled on the pavement while answering questions from paramedics, witnesses told

The Golden Globe-nominated actor was rushed to hospital with serious injuries before being pronounced dead.

The accident remains under investigation.

Police, who spent days at the scene collecting and measuring evidence, have yet to decide whether to ticket Cos or possibly charge him with a felony charge, such as reckless driving or manslaughter.


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