Jelena Djokovic Was Surprised When She Watched Her Husband Novak Play Russia’s Andrey Rublev At Wimbledon

Jelena Djokovic Was Surprised When She Watched Her Husband Novak Play Russia's Andrey Rublev At Wimbledon

Jelena Djokovic looked as glamorous as she sat on Center Court this afternoon during another day of action at Wimbledon.

The wife of world number one Novak Djokovic, 36, appeared on the stand in a colorful summer dress blazer combo.

She looked chic in a navy dress with a colorful print, matched with a pastel yellow blazer, as she watched her husband play with Andrei Rublev.

Pairing her outfit with a pair of large-frame sunglasses with her brunette locks hanging below her shoulders, Jelena, who shares a daughter with her husband, Novak looked calm and collected as she bids to equal Roger Federer’s record eight Wimbledon wins.

To accessorize, she paired her outfit with a brown Louis Vuitton clutch bag.

Jelena Djokovic, 36, arrived on Center Court in a colorful summer dress paired with a pastel yellow blazer and a brown Louis Vuitton clutch.

Entrepreneur Jelena, who has been in a relationship with Novak for 18 years, is known for her philanthropic work as well as having some unusual beliefs.

He is director of their charity, the Novak Djokovic Foundation, which seeks to help children achieve their full potential by investing in early childhood development, particularly early years education.

She is a strong advocate for children and spoke at the International Conference on Child Safety last October.

Jelena said: ‘If we abuse a young child, we shout at him, condemn him, label him, beat him, don’t understand him, don’t support him… what do we expect from a grown man to respond to life’s challenges and injustices? can i He himself learned from those who came to the world?’

The entrepreneur, who is director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, looked glamorous in her chic outfit.

The wife of world number one Novak Djokovic beamed as she brushed her long brunette locks behind her shoulders.

She considers this philanthropic work among the ‘most significant’ things she and her sportsman husband have done.

In a Serbian-language YouTube interview with Al Jazeer-A, he said: ‘One of the most significant things Novak and I have devoted time, energy and money to is charity work. And it’s been half our lives already.’

Jelena has spoken out multiple times about her faith in children, once writing online that she wants to be remembered as ‘a curious soul who loves life and lifelong learning’ – and that the greatest teachers are children.

She added: ‘I live by the values ​​of gratitude, honesty, respect, kindness, forgiveness and love and try to practice them in everything I do. One of the hardest lessons I hope to learn and practice every day in my life is how to love myself fully.’

She is also known for some of their more controversial or unusual views, for example, Jelena’s love of spirituality and meditation, which she has discussed at length on her blog.

Among her other beliefs, Jelena once shared a debunked video on Instagram in which she claimed that 5G caused the coronavirus pandemic.

However, he later stated that he did not claim the baseless theory to be ‘true or not’.

Jelena describes herself as ‘misunderstood and completely underappreciated’, adding that she is ‘changing and transforming at such a pace that it’s really hard to label me or put me in a certain box. I am everywhere and nowhere.’

One of Jelena’s great beliefs is a philosophy shared by many – the power of meditation.

In another post, she said: ‘The goal is to calm the mind, understand your soul’s happiness and gratitude and transfer it to all areas of your life and all your relationships.’

He adds that there is power in nature when it comes to meditation.

Jelena wrote: ‘Love being alone in nature. completely alone But I have to admit, when I arrive, I feel a wave of fear come over me because I know I’m an intruder. To some I may also be a victim.’


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