Buster Murdaugh makes a phone call to dad Alex telling him he’s at the ritzy Hilton Head Island

Buster Murdaugh makes a phone call to dad Alex telling him he's at the ritzy Hilton Head Island

Buster Murdoch informs his father Alex how he is at the ritzy Hilton Head Island in a phone call after being jailed on a dishonorable legal descent for murdering his wife and son.

A jury convicted Alex Murdoff of brutally shooting to death his wife Maggie, 52, and young son Paul, 22, on June 7, 2021, at the family’s 1,800-acre hunting estate in Moseley, South Carolina.

He was given a consecutive life sentence for the brutal murder.

Now, newly obtained footage from a 42-second phone call between an imprisoned father and his surviving son on May 16 has been released.

He told his son Buster that he ‘loved him’ and was ‘proud of him’ and hinted that he was talking to his legal counsel while he was in prison.

Murdough killed his 22-year-old son Paul and 52-year-old wife Maggie (together, center) at their Colleton County hunting lodge. Surviving son Buster is seen on the left

Murdaugh, 54, was convicted in March of killing his own wife and son, and was given two life sentences to serve in a South Carolina state prison. Now, newly obtained footage from a 42-second phone call between a jailed father and his surviving son on May 16 has been released.

Alex Murdoff tells his son in a 5.38pm call, revealed by Fitz News: ‘Hey mate,’ to which Buster replies: ‘Hey I don’t have all the time I’m just getting on the ferry back to Daufuskie (Island) at Hilton Head Island.’

Dad continues: ‘Yes I know, I – I was trying to call – I was supposed to call you about this meeting when you were with Jim. But whatever. Text him to let him know I’m trying to call him?’

Buster replied: ‘Mum-K.’

‘Did he talk to you about that—about the thing I told him?’ Moordoff asked.

‘No, I don’t understand you either,’ said Buster.

‘Okay, okay… I’m off, um, I’m going to talk to Jim and he’ll get back to you,’ Murdoch told his son.

Alex Murdoff told his son: ‘Love you’ and he replied: ‘Okay, love you too.’

The father then said: ‘Proud of you’, to which his son replied: ‘Thank you.’ Then the phone got disconnected.

McCormick Correctional Facility where Alex Murdoff is being held

Convicted murderer Alex Murdoff speaks to his legal team before being sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for killing his wife and son

Photo of Buster Murdoff in court

It is understood that the ‘Jim’ being referred to is possibly Jim Griffin, the lead defense attorney in Alex Murdoff’s trial.

Hilton Head Island is an area of ​​South Carolina known for its beautiful beaches and golf courses.

Buster Murdoch — who lost his mother and brother after his father was killed — will break his silence on Sept. 12 in a new exclusive docuseries with Fox Nation.

During his trial, the disgraced 54-year-old Murduff, whose family has wielded considerable judicial power in the region for three generations, lied to cops about his alibi before making the sensational decision to take the stand where he changed his story for damaging evidence. .

Just after 10 p.m. on June 7, 2021, Murduff called 911 crying to claim he had discovered his wife and son shot to death outside the kennels of their estate.

However, Murdoff fired five shots at his wife with an automatic rifle before shooting his son in the head and chest with a different weapon to make it appear as if his brutal killing was an ambush.

As police arrived at the scene, the lawyer said he went to visit his mother and returned to discover his Maggie and Paul dead.

As video evidence would later reveal, he was lying.

Prosecutors believe Murdoff killed his wife and son because he feared his years of stealing millions of dollars from his law firm and clients would be exposed and his high standing in the community crumbled.

They said he hoped their deaths would make him a sympathetic figure and draw attention away from the missing money.


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